2021 Forest River for sale in Dave Arbogast RV, Troy, Ohio

Dave Arbogast RV Depot: Market Value Pricing

It's been a long day of scouring the Internet, trying to find the best deal on the pre-owned RV of your dreams. Unfortunately, navigating through the slew of RV-related websites on the web, trying to find the lowest price possible can be a daunting task.

Thankfully, we've come up with an easy solution.

Just visit ArbogastRVs.com and get the absolute "Rock Bottom Price" on the RV you're interested in.

How Does It Work?

From travel trailers to motorhomes and more; Market Value Pricing allows us to provide our customers with the best price around on the pre-owned RV of their choice. We're able to achieve MVP by aggressively comparing our prices with our competitors'. This ensure our customers are receiving "real-time" pricing on every recreational vehicle we sell.

To obtain the absolute "Rock Bottom Price" on any used RV in our inventory, simply visit the listing page for the unit you're interested and click on "Rock Bottom Price." From there, a member of our BDC department will promptly respond to your request with the price.

It really is that easy.

No Hassle. No Haggle. No Games.

Our goal isn't to present inflated prices to our customers in hopes of winning a "negotiating" contest with them. Simply put, that's not our business model, nor is it how we want to do business. We want to be right up front with our customers regarding the RV they're looking and MVP allows us to to accomplish this.

It also helps ensure our customers are receiving the best deal, or "Rock Bottom Price" around on the RV they're interested in purchasing.

Save Money and Time.

Having an idea of what you're interested in before making a trip to any RV dealership is important. With that said, if you're looking for the best deal on a particular RV, then you already come to the right spot.

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