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What RV Is Right for Me?

This is the most common question that we get here at Dave Arbogast RV Depot, so we wanted to put together a guide for our customers to get a good start to answering this question. We've put together some of the most common shopping factors and needs that our customers come to us with and our RV experts have added advice and tips based on their years of experience pairing families and couples with the perfect RV. Whether you're looking for the first time or you're an avid RVer we hope that you can find this guide to be helpful in your search for your new home away from home. Before we dive into the guide, lets go over the most common factors that go into your decision for a new RV.

Common Factors:

  • Price
  • Family Size Or Sleeping Space
  • Towability
  • Motorhome Vs. Towable
  • Camping Style
  • Upkeep
  • Feature Desires

Price Point:

We'll start with the most common and often the largest factor when looking into your RV purchase, price. We work with customers at all sorts of price points, from those looking for a beginners bargain to those upgrading for more features and any situation in between. When considering various price points there are a few major things to consider such as what features are must haves, how much space will you want or need, and whether you need a motorhome or you've got the ability to choose tow behind. Keep in mind that these price point are based on basic expectations of new units and don't necessarily factor in pre-owned gems.

What RV Is Right for Me?

$20,000 and Below

Generally, when your budget comes in under $20,000 you're able to consider towable trailers with few features, but a wide array of floorplans. Often, even pre-owned, motorized RVs are above this budget. Looking into this range here are some things you can expect - Ability to sleep between 2 and 5 people comfortably with some exceptions expanding this range, basic dinette and kitchen appliances standard with options for upgrades, a singular wet bath space or a small 3 piece bathroom, minimal additional creature comforts and features to help keep the camper affordable. These trailers are fantastic for first time buyers really getting the feel of RVing as a lifestyle, great for couples looking for a cozy getaway, and fit nearly any budget for those who are extra mindful of costs.

Check out our units in this price range here.

Price Point

$20,000 - $50,000

In this price range you'll find a noticeable difference in features and aesthetics throughout the trailer. Also in consideration are a larger array of toy haulers for those in need of garage space in the unit. Many customers love the upgrades that are offered in this price range; like upgraded kitchen appliances or furniture, options for exterior entertainment or cooking space, and a leap forward in the materials used when building the RV making them more durable. Generally speaking, this expansion of the budget also includes an expansion of interior space, normally you'll find larger travel trailers falling in this range offering additional living and sleeping area. This step up in price also allows for you to potentially take a look at pre-owned motorhomes. For our store, you'll find the most inventory in this category.

Browse this selection here.

Price Point

$50,000 - $80,000

This group represents your upper echelon of travel trailers, prime prices for fifth wheels and large toy haulers and brings new motorhomes into play. In this price range you'll find, frankly, totally decked out travel trailers and fifth wheels. The very best that many companies offer in features and upgrades. These units will be carefully designed to maximize space, pack in upgraded features and comforts that take your camping adventures to the next level. Most of these RVs have the highest level of entertainment packages, smart accessories like the one touch stabilizing jacks and wind sensing awning, quality interior materials and outstanding exterior features that make setting up camp and maintaining your RV simple and straightforward. When starting to consider Class A B and C motorhomes this price range will include models that include all your essential features, yet you won't find too many upgrade options within this price range.

Take a look at this group here.

Price Point

$80,000 and Above

For this category the sky is the limit. Here we'll include the highest levels of the RVs that we carry. You'll find ultra high-end materials and features in this level of RV, loaded motorhomes in each class and any travel trailers, toy haulers or fifth wheels in this category will stand out with all included features. For this price you can also expect the RV to have the latest in safety technology, innovations in the RV space and the most comfortable seating and sleeping surfaces available on wheels. Many units above the 80K price point epitomize the phrase "Glamping" as you'll find no better luxury around the camp ground.

Peruse the top level RVs that we have here.

What RV Is Right for Me?

Family Size and Sleeping Space:

Common factor number two on our list is all about interior space and who you plan on travelling or camping with. We work with customers who have families of all sizes, from couples looking for a cozy retreat all the way up to the size of the Brady Bunch (plus Alice). In this section we'll make a general pairing between your family size and types of RVs with mention of specific sleeping space. Keep in mind that these are basic suggestions, we always acknowledge that although a customer may only need to sleep two they may want all the space, features and comfort that come with a luxury fifth wheel.

1 - 2 Campers

For those looking to travel as a duo we'd have a few suggestions. Beginning with small towable travel trailers, you can find small couples spaces that have all the amenities that you can expect to find in their bigger brothers. Many floor plans will include a bathroom, kitchenette, dinette and sleeping space. Conveniently many of these campers can be towed with the family SUV and you won't need to upgrade to a truck to bring along your home away from home. If you're looking for more of a road trip warrior but you want to maintain all the conveniences of a camper, then a Class B motorhome may suit you best. This travel machine will get you from point A to point Z in style, generally included are comfortable seats, sleeping space, a wet bath and a kitchenette.

3 - 6 Campers

Moving up to small to mid-size families, we're looking to a large selection of travel trailers and toy haulers as well as class A and C motorhomes. We have a vast selection that covers families needing to sleep three to six that come in all shapes, sizes, styles and floorplans. In some cases for towable trailers you can add bed space by looking for floorplans with adjustable furniture or a double bunk layout to keep the trailer on the smaller side, or if you're comfortable hauling more feel free to look into more spacious floor plans with several designated bed spaces. With the vast choices in sizes and layout there is also a huge array of features; anything from meeting your basic camping needs all the way to hauling all the comforts of home with you. Motorized options in this space provide a bit more luxury and also eliminate the need for a truck to tow with. Class C RVs are a great fit for smaller families and their bus-like cousins, the Class A, would better fit families needing more space and sleeping options all the way up to 8.

7+ Campers

The largest category here provides space for those who need room for seven or more. The RV options here include large travel trailers, fifth wheels, park models and class A motorhomes. You'll find that these RVs have commonalities like spacious floorplans, creative sleeping space options and an abundance of standard features. Often these units include 3 piece bathrooms (some add an extra half bath too!), full kitchens with ample counter space and cabinets for storage, outstanding entertainment options and comfortable and adjustable furniture.


If you're considering a towable RV, one of the first questions our experts will ask you is "What will you be towing your RV with?". This is a very important question as we're aiming to be sure that your vehicle will have no problem hauling along your new home away from home. Speaking generally, some small trailers will be no trouble when being pulled behind your family SUV, on the other hand, for some towables you'll needs the correct equipment and engine to tow along comfortably. Here at Arbogast RV Depot, much of our inventory is towable with a standard 1/2 ton truck, with some exceptions for large trailers that may require more horsepower. If you're unsure, please take a look at our partner tow guide or give us a call and we'll be happy to help. If you don't currently have a proper towing vehicle, no worries! Our sister store next door, Dave Arbogast RV Buick GMC can set you up with the right vehicle at the right price to fit your new adventure trailer.

Towable Vs. Motorhome:

Likely one of the first decisions that you'll make when choosing a new RV is whether you'd like a towable trailer, or you prefer a drivable motorhome. Each have their distinct characteristics, advantages and disadvantages but they also share the same purpose of providing a stellar travel and camping experience. If you've got the means to tow and you're comfortable hauling a trailer behind you then a towable may be the best choice. Some of the advantages you'll enjoy with this option include; the ability to disconnect your vehicle from the trailer and drive from your camp site to nearby attractions or stores, lower lifetime maintenance cost and a vast array of floor plan and layout options. Looking to motorhomes, advantages include, the ability to hop in the drivers seat and go with no connections or hitch needed, you've got the option to pull behind a vehicle to go exploring, and while you're traveling down the road, the whole family has access to the bathroom, no more premature stops along the way!

What RV Is Right for Me?

Camping Style:

One of the most important decision factors we see is what we'll call your camping style or how you plan to use your RV. Are you wanting a road warrior for extended road trips? Or maybe a camper plus garage combo to bring along your trail toys? Perhaps you're needing a weekend getaway trailer or you're seeking more of a fixture at a permanent camping spot. There is a an RV to fit all of these. Below you'll find a few common uses that our customers tell us and our recommendations for what pairs well with that style.

Road Tripping

For extended road-tripping our experts recommend a choice from the motorized section. You can't go wrong with Class A, B or C for your road trip adventures. In this space they're convenient, they have an accessible bathroom that passengers can use without stopping. Whether you and your honey want to roam the country in the Class B or you want to take the whole family along in the spacious and comfy Class A, we recommend a motorhome for the RVer on the move.

Destination Camping

To the other end of the spectrum in Destination Camping. For those who aren't familiar with that term, this is a semi-permanent camp site setup. If your desire is to find a new home away from home that stays set up for a prolonged period of time, you'll want to check into spacious fifth wheels and park model trailers. These choices provide huge interior space, the most entertainment options and you can usually find them with residential appliances and features, making them ideal for longer term stays.

Conventional Camping

When we say conventional, what we mean is your standard long weekends and hauling your camper to and from each time you begin or end an outdoor adventure. Oftentimes, customers who are in search of an RV to fit this style are looking for something easy towable, simple to set up and maintain, and has features that make camping more fun and convenient. Depending on your wants and needs there are several different RVs that can fit this group for you!

Camp Hard | Play Hard

We acknowledge that customers wanting or needing an RV that hauls along toys have a special style of camping. Needs go beyond the standard bathroom and kitchen, to garage and cargo space specific to their toys, and an added fuel pump to fill up your tanks once you get to your destination. Toy haulers come in all shapes and sizes to best fit what you need to haul. Some come with over 25 feet of cargo space and others leave just enough to fit your motorcycle.


Many of our customers are purchasing an RV for the very first time and a common question we hear is "What's the upkeep like?". RVs have various levels of maintenance, for instance, motorized RVs need care for the engine and all the mechanical components that make the coach operate, whereas with a simple travel trailer you'll need only maintain the habitation components. Some RVs will have features and options that may change the maintenance needs like secondary A/C units, a macerator or an equipped generator for camping without conventional power hook ups.

Feature Desires:

This factor is often the most customer specific and changes with each person we work with. RVs have some features that come standard on nearly every model; such as sleeping space, a bathroom, kitchenette, air conditioning and a water heater. Other features though vary highly between models and brands. Many will have an awning, furniture, and some kind of entertainment set up, some though will take that to another level with patio setups, comfy sectional couches and several large televisions. Before deciding on a specific model or unit be sure to run through the optional features available that appeal to you and make sure that you get the RV that meets your needs and has all the features you could want.

Here at Dave Arbogast RV Depot we work to pair you with the perfect RV and we hope that you've found this page as a helpful starting point to determine what type of RV might be right for you. When you're ready to discuss specific units or if you have questions about the factors above feel free to give us a call, send us an email or chat with us here!

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